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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Me & Poopsy @ The LL COOL J Concert 6-23-12

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Monday, June 11, 2012

DO I?....Could I?

Do I....Could I?... Pass For An Old Timie Movie Star....Maybe!? Lmao (;

Kitty!! (:

Me Chillin In Da Ride! 6-10-12

Me & My Poopsy!

Lol....Kitty & Hubby 6-10-12


My Personal Pin-Up Pix!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Ouch...ouch...ouch...ouch...ouch! | Tattoo Journal

Ouch...ouch...ouch...ouch...ouch! | Tattoo Journal

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Microsoft's 2012 Roadmap

A must have tentative map of Microsoft's 2012 plethora of future software!

The 2012 Microsoft Product Roadmap -- Redmond Channel Partner

Friday, April 20, 2012

Some Myths Busted About 4/20 Day!! HAPPY 420 DAY!!!!! Or Is That Even A True Statement!!!????

While we have made 420 to where it has almost EVERYTHING to do with smoking pot….there are so many people that are ill informed on it….so, here are few of the myths and their facts:

  • Myth: Police dispatch code for smoking pot is 420.

    Fact: The number 420 is not police radio code for anything, anywhere. Checks of criminal codes suggest that the origin is neither Californian nor federal. For instance, California Penal Code 420 defines as a misdemeanor the hindrance of use of public lands.

  • Myth: There are approximately 420 active chemicals in marijuana.

    Fact: There are approximately 315 active chemicals in marijuana. This number goes up and down depending on which plant is used.

  • Myth: April 20th is National Pot Smokers Day.

    Fact: Well, it is now; but that wasn't the origin.

  • Myth: April 20th is Hitler's birthday.

    Fact: Yes, it is his birthday. But, as 420 started out as a time, not a date, his birthday had nothing to do with it.

  • Myth: April 20th is the date of the Columbine school shootings.

    Fact: This happened after the term was already in use.

  • Myth: 4:20 is tea time for pot-smokers in Holland.

    Fact: Tea time in Holland is at 5:30 pm, or is it 2:30 pm? Seems no one is quite sure when the wonderful people of Holland drink their tea.

Now here is some truth about 420: The saying 420 came about in 1971 when a bunch of pot smoking kids needed a code that parents wouldn't figure out. They went to San Rafael High School in CA. Well the group would use the word 420 as a short for meet at the campus statue of Louis Pasteur at 4:20pm to smoke pot. They met there every day at that time however their parents had no idea when they said "420" what they were talking about. So there you go and here is a picture of the statue:

So who knew the true meaning and who believed one of the myths?

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Alicia Silverstone chews her son’s food for him

Alicia Silverstone chews her son’s food for him

Sunday, February 19, 2012


Saturday, November 19, 2011

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Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Fourth Of July 2011

Happy 4th Of July To Everyone
Especially My Little Brother Currently Serving & Our Past & Present Service Men & Women,I Thank You!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Awesome Hat Trick!

Awesome Hat Trick!
Just Had To Share!!


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Patton & Eli Manning In-Football Cops Trailer(2011)

This Trailer is for all the Football Fans out there,
now while I am by no means a validated football fan, but my Husband and roughly 63% of America is! As has the lastname "Manning" become a house hold last name that many people(including me even) know. So having said that,I may not be a "die hard" fan,but this is FUNNY SH*T!!!!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Vancouver kiss couple 'were knocked down by riot police' Couple whose photo has been shared around the world may not have been in a passionate embrace, say witnesses

The couple apparently kissing during the Vancouver riots. The man has been named 
as Australian Scott Jones. Photograph: Rich Lam/Getty Images

At first glance the picture, snapped during Vancouver's hockey riots, seemed to show a young couple lying on the road and kissing, oblivious to the chaos around them. Now it appears that the real force behind the arresting image was not romance, but a charge by riot police who knocked Scott Jones and his girlfriend, Alex Thomas, to the ground.
The picture taken by Canadian photographer Richard Lam became a global sensation – appearing in the media, shared on Facebook and tweeted around the world – and looked set to take its place as one of the world's most iconic kiss photographs.
"How's that for making love, not war," astonished dad Brett Jones declared on his Facebook page, announcing that his son, Scott, was the Romeo depicted in the picture.
But others wondered if it was a fake, and the photographer himself had doubts about what the picture really showed. A second shot emerged showing more people around the couple and adding to the mystery.
A witness, identifying himself as William, wrote to the Vancouver Sun to give his take. He said he was on top of a carpark looking down on the place where the picture was taken. "What happened was the police line rushed the crowd and this couple trying to stay together couldn't react in time and were run over my two riot police officers.
"The girl who was knocked over landed head first on the pavement with her boyfriend landing partially on top of her. She was in visible pain, crying, but the two officers gave them a parting shove and moved on. Bystanders went to go make sure she was OK. I understand that the front line police have to control the crowd but it is a bit ridiculous that they couldn't have other officers or paramedics behind the line to help anyone who is hurt."
Australian media have widely identified the man in the picture as Scott Jones, a 29-year-old from Melbourne who has been living in Vancouver for six months. The woman is said to be his girlfriend Alex Thomas, a Canadian.
His mother, Megan Jones, told Ni: "I knew it was him because he doesn't have a lot of clothes with him and he always puts on the same thing."
Before the full story emerged, she said she was shocked to spot her son lying in the middle of the street but not surprised. "It is something he would do, that's our boy. He has always lived in his own world, he's special like that. He doesn't always connect with what going on around him. I'd have to have my house flooded to get on the news, but he just has to kiss a beautiful girl."
Scott's sister Hannah said people had been posting on Scott's Facebook page. "You keep getting played on the news. You're famous!" one wrote. Jones replied: "Classic! This was shortly after the riot police run over the top of us and naturally Alex needed some comforting."
Lam took the photograph while covering the riots that followed the Vancouver Canucks' 4-0 loss to the Boston Bruins in the Stanley Cup.
The photographer was being buffeted by rioters and riot police when he spotted the couple. "I was about 20 or 30 yards away," he said. "There were these two people on the ground in this empty street. Initially I thought one of them was hurt." He took a few shots and then the moment was lost.
"It was complete chaos. Rioters set two cars on fire and then I saw looters break the window at a neighbouring department store," he said.
"At that point the riot police charged right towards us. After I stopped running I noticed in the space behind the line of police that two people were lying in the street with the riot police and a raging fire just beyond them.
"I knew I had captured a moment when I snapped the still forms against the backdrop of such chaos but it wasn't until later when I returned to the rink to file my photos that my editor pointed out that the two people were not hurt, but kissing," Lam said before the real story behind the photo came out
A second photograph taken by Richard Lam of the 'kissing couple' lying in a Vancouver street after the hockey riots. Photograph: Rich Lam/Getty Images

Officials in Vancouver said almost 150 people required hospital treatment and almost 100 were arrested during the riot.
A spokeswoman for the local health authority said three stabbing victims had been admitted and one man was in a critical condition with head injuries after a fall from a viaduct.
Rioting and looting left cars burned, stores in shambles and windows shattered over a roughly 10-block radius of the city's main shopping district.
The police chief, Jim Chu, said nine officers were injured, including one who required 14 stitches after being hit with a thrown brick. Chu said some officers suffered bite marks. He said 15 cars were burned, including two police cars.
He called those who incited the riot "criminals and anarchists" and said officers identified some in the crowd as the same people who smashed windows and caused trouble through the same streets the day after the 2010 Winter Olympics opened.
"These were people who came equipped with masks, goggles and gasoline," he said. "They had a plan."
Chu said those who stood by and filmed and cheered also bore responsibility

Monday, June 13, 2011

checkin out me some PIXLEPIPES!!!!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Dan Kelly's Korner: 4-year-old clings to deploying daddy in formation#

Little Girl Can't Let go as Sergeant Daddy Leaves For Iraq

Some things are just not allowed when soldiers are standing in formation. One of them is 4-year-old girls.

However, there was no soldier stern enough to pry Paige Bennethum of Laureldale, Pa. from her father as he prepared to leave last July for a year-long deployment in Iraq.

Abby Bennethum captured her daughter's emotions in a photograph that she passed along to
the Reading Eagle, the newspaper in Berks County, Pa. The image immediately captured many other people's emotions.

Army Reserve Staff Sgt. Brett Bennethum was preparing to depart from Fort Dix, N.J., for Iraq, leaving behind his pregnant wife and two little girls. His family was there to see him off. His commanding officer didn't have the heart to tell Paige she had to let go of her daddy.

"I didn't want to let go of him," she told
NBC Philadelphia.

Sgt. Bennethum, 30, is scheduled to return home next July. Until then, he's transporting supplies across the Iraqi border. He serves with the 733rd Transportation Company based in Reading, Pa.

Abby Bennethum said she got pregnant right before her husband left for Iraq. "I've heard of deployment babies, but I never thought I'd be having one," she told the Reading Eagle. The couple's other daughter, Lena, is just 10 months old.

Staff Sgt. Bennethum got a four-day pass so he could spend some quality time with his family and they could make the two-hour trip to Fort Dix to see him off. Almost immediately upon arrival, his commanding officer ordered the soldiers to fall in.

"Gotta go," he told his family. But Paige walked up behind him in formation, grabbed his right hand and would not let go.

"I called her a couple of times, but she wouldn't budge," her mother said. She still wishes she was holding her father's hand.

"I just miss my dad right now,"
Paige told NBC.

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Oct 7th 2009 3:30PM

Saturday, June 4, 2011

My husband was playing w/our family cat like he does everynite & I just so happened to be filming my husband holding our newborn,and then this happened!! I will say that she is FINE & HEALTHY 5 years later!

Friday, May 27, 2011

The 1st Look @ Nicki Minaj's Did It On 'Em Video

Did It On 'Em



Saturday, March 26, 2011

GPSed Track "Track #

GPSed Track "Track #1": View my new track "Track #1" started in United States, Oklahoma, Oklahoma City. Power...

GPSed Track "Track #1"

View my new track "Track #1" started in United States, Oklahoma, Oklahoma City.

Powered by - Free Mobile GPS Tracking Service

Friday, March 25, 2011


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Defraggler 2.03 - Download the latest freeware, shareware and trial software - Downloadcrew US

Defraggler 2.03 - Download the latest freeware, shareware and trial software - Downloadcrew US

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Charlie Sheen Parody - Bi-Winning (Official Song)

This is GREAT!! I need not say much,but to watch it,its great and funny!! :)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Evolution of Microsoft Windows: 1985 – 2009


It all began in Plaza Hotel, New York City on the 10th of November 1983. Two Microsoft founders

Paul Allen and Bill Gates officially announced their corporation’s first and next-generation graphical user interface operating system – Microsoft Windows

evolution of ms windows

Despite the criticism on stability and constantly being compared to their rivals Apple Macintosh, Microsoft Windows is still the most widely used operating systems in the world. In this article, we’ll bring you back to 1985 where the very first official Microsoft Windows 1.0 was announced, and then we take a trip down memory lane to see all boot screens and desktop interface of all Windows operating system possible.

Windows 1.01 (1985)

Officially released on November 20, 1985, this 16-bit OS that cost less than 1MB in overall is Microsoft’s very first operating system that allows multi tasking with graphical user interface on PC platform that runs on MS-DOS 5.0.

windows 1.01

windows 1.01

Windows 1.01

Windows 1.03 (1986)

Introduced in 1986, Windows 1.03 is an upgrade to its previous predecessor Windows 1.01. Entire operating system cost about 2.2Mb hard disk space.

Windows 1.03

Windows 1.03

Windows 2.03 (1987)

Taking advantage of the speed of Intel 286/386 processor at that time, Windows 2.03 is a replacement for Windows 1.x. It also starts the era where users are able to overlap windows, customize screens, etc. Still the entire operating system cost no more than 2.5Mb.

bootscreen msw203 Evolution of Microsoft Windows: 1985   2009

Windows 2.03

Windows 2.86 (1989)

Windows 2.86

Windows 3.0 (1990)

This is the third major released of Microsoft Windows with a improved set of Windows icons and applications like File Manager, Program Manager that is still being used in today’s Windows. This 22 May 1990 released operating system is then replaced by Windows 3.1 two years later.

windows 3.0

Windows 3.0

Windows 3.1 (1992)

Windows 3.1 is probably the earliest Windows most of us are familiar with. Windows 3.1 and later Windows 3.1x is an upgrade to Windows 3.0 with bug fixes and multimedia support.

windows 3.1

Windows 3.1

Windows 3.1

Windows NT 3.1 (1993)

The first Windows New Technology (NT) introduced. It maintains consistency with the Windows 3.1, a well-established home and business operating system at the time, the new Windows NT operating system began with version 3.1. Unlike Windows 3.1, however, Windows NT 3.1 was a 32-bit operating system.

Windows NT 3.1

Windows 3.11 (1993)

A superset of Windows 3.1, Windows for Workgroups 3.11 added peer-to-peer workgroup and domain networking support. For the first time, Windows–based PCs were network-aware and became an integral part of the emerging client/server computing evolution – Microsoft

Windows 3.11

Windows 3.11

Windows NT 3.51 Workstation (1995)

The Windows NT Workstation 3.5 release provided the highest degree of protection yet for critical business applications and data. With support for the OpenGL graphics standard, this operating system helped power high-end applications for software development, engineering, financial analysis, scientific, and business-critical tasks – Microsoft

Windows NT 3.51 Workstation

Windows NT 3.51 Workstation

Windows 95 (1995)

Previously code-named Chicago, Windows 95 is a successor to all the existing Windows operating system so far. It gives full graphical user interface support, integrated a 32-bit TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol) stack for built-in Internet support, dial-up networking, and new Plug and Play capabilities that made it easy for users to install hardware and software.

Windows 95

Windows 95

Windows NT 4.0 (1996)

Windows NT Workstation 4.0 included the popular Windows 95 user interface yet provided improved networking support for easier and more secure access to the Internet and corporate intranets – Microsoft.

Windows NT 4.0

Windows NT 4.0

Windows NT Server 4.0 (1996)

Windows NT Server 4.0

Windows NT Server 4.0

Windows 98 (1998)

Windows 98 was the upgrade from Windows 95. Described as an operating system that "Works Better, Plays Better," Windows 98 was the first version of Windows designed specifically for consumers – Microsoft.

Windows 98

Windows 98

Windows 2000 (2000)

More than just the upgrade to Windows NT Workstation 4.0, Windows 2000 Professional was also designed to replace Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows NT Workstation 4.0 on all business desktops and laptops. Built on top of the proven Windows NT Workstation 4.0 code base, Windows 2000 added major improvements in reliability, ease of use, Internet compatibility, and support for mobile computing – Microsoft.

Windows 2000

Windows 2000

Windows 2000 Server (2000)

Windows 2000 Server

Windows 2000 Server

Windows ME (2000)

Designed for home computer users, Windows Me offered consumers numerous music, video, and home networking enhancements and reliability improvements – Microsoft.

Windows ME

Windows ME

Windows XP (2001)

Windows XP Professional brings the solid foundation of Windows 2000 to the PC desktop, enhancing reliability, security, and performance. With a fresh visual design, Windows XP Professional includes features for business and advanced home computing, including remote desktop support, an encrypting file system, and system restore and advanced networking features – Microsoft.

Windows XP

Windows XP

Windows XP

Windows Server 2003 (2003)

Released on April 2003, and also known as Win2k3, this operating system is a successor to it’s predecessor Windows Server 2000 (Win2k).

Windows Server 2003

Windows Server 2003

Windows Vista (2006)

Came more than 5 years after it’s predecessor Windows XP, Vista is the longest timeline break for Microsoft between two operating system. Read more.

Windows Vista

Windows Vista

Windows Vista

Windows 7 (2009)

Codenamed Blackcomb, Windows 7 is one of the most anticipated operating systems.

Windows 7

Windows 7

Windows 7

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